Official Rules (English)





1. This tournament will be celebrate on November 22, 23, 24 and 25 2017 is open to all fishermen who are obliged to register as contestants, to read, learn to understand, comply with and be subject to these rules and decisions of the Judge. The laws, regulations and standards set by federal authorities: FAO (Fisheries Act, its Regulations and the Official Mexican Standard NOM-017-CFSP-1994); SCT through the Port Authority (Navigation Act and Regulations , Nautical Tourism Act and the Official Mexican Standard NOM-034-SCT4-1999); ARMADA DE MEXICO SEMARNAT (Federal Law of the Sea, without prejudice to the powers that apply to other agencies of the Federal Civil Service, State and Municipal. Ignorance of these rules will not excuse any violation of this, and if so , is at your own risk, sanctions will be applied according to the laws of our country and in this regulation. Deportivo de Pesca Manzanillo A.C. reserves the right to sue for fraud and what is with the competent authorities the person or persons seeking access to the prizes offered by means other than those accepted in this regulation.

2. Entries is open at our offices located at Playa San Pedrito s / n, Col. Burocrata, Tel / Fax: +52 (314) 332-7399; foreign fishermen may register by depositing the full cost of enrollment in Banco Santander Serfin, No. 65-50082639-2 traditional account in the name of Deportivo de Pesca Manzanillo A.C., and faxing the deposit slip or email: along with all your personal data, team name and name of the ship on which he will participate.

3. The entry fee is $35,00.00 mexican pesos per team, made up of 4 anglers maximum. The minimum number of team members will be two fishermen. Only cash is accepted in local currency, bank transfer or certified check. Once enrolled in the tournament for any reason registration amount will not be return or transferable to another team.

4. AWARDS. Four categories will be awarded:

4.1).- LOW TIDE CHAMPION will be appointed to the team that achieves the highest aggregate weight of valid catches of Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Small YFT Tuna (Up to 60.00 kg) and Dorado during the three days of competition. This award is subject to the registration of 75 teams, if not reach that number apply a proportionate.

4.2).- HIGH TIDE CHAMPION will be appointed to the team that achieves the highest aggregate weight of valid catches of Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Big YFT (more than 60.00 kg) valid for three days of competition. (Single price for the first place)

4.3) .- CATCH & RELEASE TEQUILA PUEBLO VIEJO Award. Will be appointed to the team that achieves the highest aggregate points according these rules. In the case of tie the $25,000.00 mn bag will be divided between the winners.

4.4) .- HEAVIEST SAIL FISH OF THE DAY, a bag of $ 25,000.00 mn will be giving away for the SAILFISH heaviest recorded daily. In case of tie, the length will decide and if it persists the outline will decide. If the tie still persists the winner will be the one who filed first in time.

5. By joining the participating team shall:

a) Submit the individual's Mexican fishing license each team member.

b) Show the rods to be used and provide sample of your line, it should be nylon monofilament or Dacron up to 80 lbs. maximum resistance, GSP or Spectra lines are accepted, but only as line backing, so a 25m (minimum) top shot of official line is obligatory.

c) To register the boat in which they participate.

d) To appoint a team captain, who will represent this before the organizing committee for the competition.

6. For safety of the contestant any vessel that does not have radio communication equipment operating on board (VHF and GPS) and cellular phone can not go fishing. We remind you that the # 16 is only for emergencies, the Telecommunications Law prohibits their use for trivial communication between individuals.

7. All boats must comply with the Maritime Safety Certificate; the Harbor Master's officers will do the inspections. Just as your Sport Fishing Log craft services providers. SAGARPA staff recorded daily logs those and after the event must be delivered to such authority.

8. Contestant’s teams must be present on the premises at Marina from Hotel Las Hadas on November 22th at 20:30 hrs. for attend the BOARD OF CAPTAINS and firm understood and accepted the rules, then the official opening by the state and municipal, civil and military authorities. On November 23th, 24th and 25th , the output will be at 7:00 am, Without exception, all participants must wait for the boats out of the judge order and any boat will be not allowed to sail from another place.

9. In order to go fishing, each team will collect from the registration table the "output table" this table is white and numbered. Upon returning, if obtained capture is essential to exchange it for a "red table" for weighing in a boat that is moored in the vicinity and will carry a flag of the Deportivo de Pesca. The boat will leave promptly at tables exchanging 17:00 obeying the judge's signal. Teams must present the judge with red table with their catch as proof of their arrival in time to come and record their weight. If the team has not any catch to weigh or release to probe by video it can deliver the output table, either in that boat or the registration desk, but give it is obligatory as is required as proper notice of good arrival.

10. Fishing is carried out in the open sea near the port of Manzanillo and within the range established by the Law for sport fishing (50 nm). The Organizing Committee under any circumstances is liable for any accidents to the contestants or the boats during the tournament days. Each participant assumes the perils of the sea adventure.

11. To support the conservation of species reserved for sport fishing, species and minimum sizes qualify for registration are: 25 kg Sailfish, Striped Marlin 30 kg., Blue and Black 80 kg. Tuna Dorado 10 kg and Yellow Finn Tuna 10 kg. Any fish weighing less than its minimum sizes are not eligible for prices. Any fish weighing less than its minimum sizes are awarded zero points (kilos) and additionally penalized by the weight under the minimum size. Any catches reported as such, must be brought to the scales, if not, the team will be penalized by the whole negative points (kilos) of the minimum size of the species.

12. Catch and release. Every successful catch and release well supported following the video rule #18 counts for the team as follow: 20 points for blue and black marlin; 15 point for the striped marlin; 10 kilos for the sail fish. The more release kilos, the winner in this category. A catch and release counts touching the leader, well supported by clear video that show the white output table and the release action with the fish swimming away.

13. The catch limits will be ever more short than the imposed by the Mexican Fisheries Law and its regulations in force. NOM-017-PESC-1994.

14. The official scale will open at 12:00 hrs. and close after the last team with red table is . (See rule # 9).

15. The fish should be caught with bait or lure and will approach the boat without more help than the reel and rod, only 4.50 m. of double line be permitted and as many wire or monofilament leader, the sum of the two should not exceed 9.00m.

16. Fish shall be submitted to the careful consideration by biologists appointed by CONAPESCA (will be open for review and consideration, for example, that no foreign bodies as bottles, ice, chemicals, stone, metal, etc. or maintained by artificial means such as iced, frozen, pickles, etc.. are present in the fish). If an abnormality is verified will be brought to the tournament judge who will issue its ruling as for weighing ballots are signed or not after the examination.

17. Contestant Teams must report to the board operator for the channel VHF radio # 22 the following data each time they are fighting some specie:

a) Name of the Fisherman, team name and name of vessel, date and time when working some specie.

b) Latitude-Longitude position.

c) The time the species is boated or released

d) Measure the length in meters of the animal as shown in the diagram. (This requires that each team has on board a tape measure in meters) At the same time, the act of measurement must be filmed.

e) State whether the team decides to release the catch.

f) Please respect the above VHF channel # 22 to complete these reports comfortably and efficiently.

g) All-day tournament will be carried out air patrols.

18. In this fishing tournament is so important to catch as the check that were achieved on the basis of this regulation. This rule is so important that it may catch legitimate catches if not presented convincing evidence as follows: The contestant teams shall carry at least one digital camcorder to present the video recordings as evidence of trapping should shoot as quickly as possible from the time of the strike, when working, the time is put on board the boat, and most especially when it gives the corresponding report by radio to the base. The video camera must have SD memory card or Sony memory stick into clean for efficient extraction of the films. NOT accept video footage or photographs taken with cell phone, or videocassette. The committee will thoroughly review each video at the weighing of the catches. If some team has troubles for showing they videos, the judge will await for it up to 19:00 the first two days and at the 18:00 the last day. We recommend bringing a camera more and more of a fully charged battery.

Rule review, you will video recorded the following in every catch or release:

18.1 The fighting action and in special and carefully the boating or release maneuvering.

18.2 The white output table showing its number.

18.3 The measuring maneuvering according rule #17 and the audio of the radio report.

18.4 The fishing rod/gear showing its levels as checked equipment.

19. The team captain must present the catches for registration to the judge and must:

a) Deliver the SD memory, micro SD or memory stick with the video recordings of the day's catch, which will be copied to your team file to be later analyzed and the memory will be returned back then.

b) Check the entries for weight, length and girth of the fish.

c) Show the rod or rods used in the catch; the judge can required a tensile test on the lines. If a test show an over test line, another two test will perform and the average of these three test will be the final. If over test is proved this way, the catch will be disqualified.

d) To sign your ballot and keep a copy.


a) Record catches in contravention of these rules.

b) That any person other than a member of the team set the reel drag or maneuver any equipment during the fishing.

c) Pull hand single or double line to bring the fish, as well as use the hook for up to sailfish to the boat.

d) Fighting the animal resting the rod in a rod holders.

e) Shoot, maul, harpooning any fish or fish is injured by the propeller of the boat or bitten by shark.

f) Has on board extra rods, lines and reels to the registered as well as sticks, spears, nets or other equipment is not allowed. Extra hand lines or light rods to catch live bait are not allow.

g) The use of "mop" (lure of silk) and double or triple hooks.

h) No video recording or fishing equipment to test submitted as specified in 18 and 19 of these rules.

i) To fail to report by radio as specified in Rule 17 of these rules.

j) To keep people blocked in our tournaments.

k) To continue fishing after 17:00 hrs.

l) Do not give back the output table.

21. Not grounds for disqualification:

a) The cut surface broken beak, scratches or cuts caused by the leader or line.

b) Use the gaff or flying gaff into marlin, Dorado and tuna.

c) The mate can hand pull the leader to pull up the fish or the number of people to help get it onto the boat.

d) Using two simple hooks.

22. Mr. Tránsito Verde will act as Judge and his decision is final. Where a situation not specifically regulated, the opinion of the Judge and the Organizing Committee of Honor and Justice will be final.

23. All catches will be donated to associations registered with cause. If you want to mount any of the samples from the top of each day will be provided with the skin.

24. In case of failure of any vessel or for its slowness can not reach in time to be weighed and recorded their fishing, and fishing contestant may switch to another vessel for presentation to the judge. And if this helps get the dinghy out of season, fishing for both will be disqualified.

25. Any protest or dissent in this tournament must be submitted in writing to the judge accompanied by a deposit of $ 2000.00 Mexican pesos and the limit will be the same day at 19:00 hrs. Which saw the event or reason for it. If the complaint is true or false the Organizing Committee together with the judge determine the type of punishment she should have the accused or the complainant in the case of forgery. If the complaint the complainant should not forfeit the deposit. No protests to the regulation will be accepted by people in a drunken state.

26. Prices that cannot be obtained through the award system will be owned by Deportivo de Pesca manzanillo, A.C.

27. A reward of $10,000.00 (in inscription bonus) for the one that give us video probes that shows any of the participants breaking any of these rules. We guaranty discretion.

28. The tournament judge can oblige the polygraph test for the first places in order to release any of the prices.

29. The organizing committee has the authority to extend, terminate or shorten the days or hours fished by weather conditions or any other cause of force majeure. According to cases not provided for in these rules shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee and the Judge. These may not be protested by the entrant to any instance or under any circumstances.


  • Get your fishing licenses with time.
  • Submit your inscription format and payments with weeks or days in advance.
  • Submit your fishing gear for inspection before the captains meeting or the previous day.
  • Be an early bird and avoid agglomerations; save your time. Judge table is open 06:00 hrs every day.